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What it takes to get ready to go

  • Why Boats are Abandoned at Sea

    Why Boats are Abandoned at Sea

    I have read about many boats that have been abandoned at sea. The cruising and sailing forums are filled with long discussions by armchair analysts who always have strong opinions about this. Some make sense […]

  • The Art of Lurking

    The Art of Lurking

    Now before you get all excited thinking I am some weird stalker or one of those guys that haunt the dark side of the internet let me explain a bit further. I am talking about […]

  • Thanksgiving Out There.

    Thanksgiving Out There.

    Some of my best Thanksgiving memories are the ones spent while cruising. Cruisers always seem to find a location to gather on this day of giving thanks and join in celebrations of thanks for a […]

  • Inflatable Kayaks and Alligators

    Inflatable Kayaks and Alligators

    A few weeks ago I ran across a fellow cruiser selling an inflatable kayak.  I had heard of these but had never  seen one in person. As the price seemed good, I thought I would […]

  • Chart Porn

    Chart Porn

    A few weeks ago I was talking to a local sailor I met in a celestial navigations class. He mentioned he was selling his collection of charts of the Caribbean as he was not planning […]




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