I think New Years seems as good a time as any to look at our “great escape” goals and plans and see where we are on that path. Looking back helps, in the sense I can see what I might have done right and what I might have done wrong. Knowing what has been accomplished and what still needs to be done is important. This will help us adjust things to fit the real world in the coming year. Admittedly I like my world better but sometimes I have to adjust my world a bit, when the real world will not adjust to mine.

                Our plan was to just take off and spend the next few years cruising. Unfortunately the real world has thrown us a few curve balls in the last few years that may make full time cruising a bit harder. So for the time being we are thinking rather put this off for yet another year we will just modify our plans some. Rather than give up the goal start date (See clock on left) we will change to starting off part time cruising. Hopefully we can take 6 months cruising and then back to 6 months working in the real world. This of course is not what we really want but I think is a realistic goal given our current financial situation. Of course we could win the lottery and not have money problems anymore but I am not really counting on that. (Of course in my world that would be a done deal!)


                So for the time being we still plan to leave on the same date give or take a month or so. I think the best plan is for us to sail from here to Bermuda and then from Bermuda to Newport RI in the spring to early summer. We have some friends up in Road Island and Teresa has never been to New England so we really want to do that. That part of the world is very nice in the summer as well as being very pretty. I grew up on the North shore of Long Island so it would be nice to visit my home waters again as well. We would then sail down the east coast stopping to enjoy a bit of the Chesapeake Bay area in the early fall before returning to Wilmington for the winter. This would all take about six months and give us some time back here to finish up getting ready for the big break before heading south for good.  This gives us an offshore passage in the late spring when weather conditions offshore are more benign. I thought about the other way around, doing the offshore leg in the fall, but I have gotten my ass kicked out there in the fall too many times, I am over that. We would be coastal cruising when all those fall lows start to move off the coast allowing us to duck in when need be.


                Teresa is working on building up accounting clients that she can work for online and I am working on building up my writing gig. I am becoming a regular contributor to Ocean Navigator and hopefully that will continue and I am managing to sell everything I write these days, except for my ramblings here of course. Teresa has a few long term clients that hopefully she will be able to keep. As long as we can get some internet during our cruising time we should be able to still make some money. We know we will not be able to fully stop working but working part time while cruising is something we can live with. Once again better to go and still have to work, than not going at all. I see so many make excuses for not going, lord knows I have done it as well. There comes a point however, when you have to start making excuses to go if it is ever to happen at all.

Capt. Wayne


About the author: Capt. Wayne


Boat builder, Sailor, Surveyor, and freelance writer.