This first video is of the outboard voyage to Bermuda I did with my son and a friend, Mark in June 2012. Unfortunately Teresa was not able to make this trip due to work comments. David, my son, had just graduated high  school a few weeks prior to our leaving and had just turned 18 in the spring so I thought this would be a great opportunity for the two of us to have an adventure he could remember long after I am gone. The first time I went to sea I was 16 and it left a lifelong impression on me. I am hoping with this trip I can give that experience to him as well. This leg took us 7 days with mostly light winds, good conditions to learn ocean sailing. Our crew Mark could not have been better, his enthusiasm was wonderful and he related well to both David and myself, I only wish he could have stayed with us the whole trip. Unfortunately the real world called and he had to return to work before we returned.

We stayed a week on the island exploring where my daughter, Rachel,  flew in to join us, as a low that was tropical passed between us and the mainland. Rachel was not up to ocean sailing so for this passage it would just be David and myself aboard. It is almost always a good idea to jump in behind a low as the weather is normally good for a few days.This was true in this case as well but the winds were just not in the right direction. They remained out of the SW at 15-20 the whole trip making it an unpleasant beat to windward the whole time. After 9 days we finally sighted land and made landfall at Morehead City, where we proceeded down the waterway to Wilmington. Around day 8 as we sat in the cockpit David looked up at me and said “So Dad where are we going on our next adventure” I knew he was hooked. If 8 days of slogging into head winds and 6-8 foot head seas did not cure him there was no hope!