Swatting bees

Now that the parties are over it is time to get down to the nitty gritty of starting off a new year. This is a good time to reflect a bit and think about what I could have done different or better. I am not one to set New Year’s resolutions but I do think this can be a good time to re-evaluate what I am doing to get closer to what I really want to do and that of course is to go cruising.

I think a couple of things I can improve on are focus and consistency. When one sets a goal far off in the future or even a few weeks off in the future it can sometimes be hard to stay focused on that goal. At least for me, I tend to drift a bit, thinking I have plenty of time to deal with that future goal.  

Any big goal needs to be broken down into smaller goals, small bites of the elephant so to speak. It is easy to become caught up in the tangents and distractions of these little goals. It is sort of like swatting bees to get to the honey. You need the bees to make the honey but they also get in the way of getting TO the honey. It is hard not to get overwhelmed by fighting the bees and forget the goal really is the honey! I think I need to work on this and try to stay focused on the big goal and work around the small ones without getting caught up in them.

Consistency is another area I am a bit lacking in. I am great for getting a wild hair up my butt and launching a new project while leaving other wild hairs unfinished in the dust. So you are hearing it here first, I am going to try real hard not to jump off on new projects without finishing what I started first. In my defense I think I have done a bit better with this in the last year but there is room for improvement particularly in those things the need routine attention such as these blog posts.  

Of course that goes back to focus, if I stayed focused I would be more consistent. The two really depend on each other just as the bees and honey do. So in the next year as the clock clicks down to my target date I will try to not to get caught up swatting the bees and will work a bit harder at what will get me to the honey!

Capt. Wayne


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