Hi I am Capt. Wayne Canning, I am a 40 year veteran boat builder and repairer. I now work as a self employed Marine Surveyor, Consultant, and Freelance writer. I live aboard my sailboat Vayu. Second in command is Teresa Scott. Teresa is an accountant and one very good cook and mate. Teresa grew up around boats but unlike me has little sailing experience as most of her boats were powerboats. We both love being out on the water and exploring new places.

I have many years experience cruising and sailing and hold a 50 ton Masters Certificate. Many years ago when I got out of high school I lived on and sailed a Contest 25 up and down the East Coast. That first Vayu had few creature comforts but then I was much younger and did not need a lot.I was happy with a VHF radio, 8 track tape player and single burner stove.  Life was simpler then and I had few responsibilities, so cruising was simple. I ended up in North Carolina where I got sucked into the real world as most know it. I got married had kids and got a real job. I did spend most of this time working on and learning about boats so it was not all lost. I also had a couple of great kids along the way so I have no regrets. (ok maybe a few but I will not go there!) As happens in many marriages my wife and I grew apart. We are still good friends but have different goals for our life after kids, so decided to separate. In a sense I have come full circle and I am returning to a life of sailing and exploring new places. I have been lucky enough meet and get to know Teresa who shares my dreams of sailing off to tropical islands.

We both have kids who are in college as well as elderly parents. This does effect our plans as we will not completely run out on this part of our lives, however we feel we can still enjoy the cruising life and support our families financially and emotionally as well. We are not wealthy and like many older Americans of our generation, have found that due to poor economic conditions, company failures, and downsizing we are left with no real retirement benefits. This poses challenges for how we want to live but we do not feel these challenges cannot be overcome. We have accepted the fact that we will have to continue earning a living while cruising. We feel we have skills that will allow this. We know it will not be easy but then nothing truly worth doing is.

We know there are many others out there that share our dreams and like us have challenges to overcome. We hope to share these these challenges while sharing what we learn along the way.

Please join us on our journey and feel free to add comments and thoughts of your own. We are here to share what we learn to help others, it is good karma after all.