For those not familiar with our history I will provide a Reader’s Digest version on how we got here. For friends and family that know you may skip ahead unless you are really bored and need to kill some time.

We are Wayne and Teresa an older couple looking to retire and enjoy the sailing life. Our vessel is Vayu, a 1981 Irwin 40 that I purchased hurricane salvage in 2006. I have spent a great deal of my spare time along with more money than I care to think about fixing up this old vessel. Ready or not we are finally at the point where we can set off for parts unknown.

We officially retired the beginning of December 2021. After months (years really) of working to get the boat ready. With several unfinished and barely finished projects we left Fort Myers FL for Melbourne FL, basically the other side of the state. We had previously moved Teresa’s mother to Melbourne to be closer to family a bit more reliable than us with traveling and all. So we had decided Melbourne would be our new home port as Teresa now had family here.

The plan had been to finish unfinished projects and complete a few new ones before heading North to explore New England for the summer. This was supposed to take 6 weeks. Almost 4 months later we finally said enough is enough and decided we had better get underway if we were ever to do so. One can keep doing boat projects forever and never get underway, at some point you have to say screw it, it is time to go sailing!

So with that I am restarting this blog where I will share information on our travels along with a dose of my ramblings about life and such for anyone that cares to know. Join us and with luck you may enjoy what we have to offer and following our adventures.

Wayne & Teresa 05/10/2022