Vayu Blog 02-23-24

Bugs and switches

Our second week of retirement ver 2.0 was mostly working out little bugs on the boat. No, not the creepy crawly type, but the ones that cause things to not work as they should. With cooler weather and no longer plugged into shore power, we are placing higher loads and demands of our electrical system and batteries.

                Most of the electrical issues were related to switches. Right out of the gate, so to speak, we had engine charging issues. Turned out, the Captain had forgotten to turn on the main battery switch for the engine batteries. In his defense, this was a new switch just installed, and I simply forgot to turn it back on once I finished the installation. At least that was an easy fix.

                We next had some more mysterious anomalies with charging and voltage. After a bit of troubleshooting I was able to track down the problems to two other batteries switches that were failing and causing resistance in the system. I replaced these offending switches and everything appears to be working as it should for now. I say for now as I know only too well that we are likely to encounter other issues as we settle into life board.

                We spent most of the week running errands while we still had land transportation. We have not had a whole lot of response to our ad listing the Jeep for sale so lowered the price a bit more. Towards the end of the week there was more interest, so we are hopeful we will sell it before too long. We will just keep lowering the price until it is sold. There is a girl who seems real and very interested. She will look at it on Saturday so with luck maybe she will buy it, we will see.

                Other than that the week was spent just getting settled back into life aboard and away from a marina. Hopefully the weather will improve and we can get the Jeep sold so we can get out of Melbourne. This is not a bad town but one that holds too many bad memories for Teresa so we are eager to move on.

I will also try to start getting some pictures on with these posts in the future.

The crew of SV Vayu