We are back. Well we were always here but what I really mean is we are back on the boat and getting ready to start cruising once again. It has been a long road to get here and I am still somewhat cautiously optimistic that this might be our time.

                For those that know us, whom I think will be the only ones reading this, you know what Teresa and I have gone through with Teresa’s mother getting sick and our change of plans as a result. You also know the sad outcome this past summer. So time to move forward once again with hope for better times.

                After selling the house we had for Teresa’s mother this summer, we moved back onto the boat. Teresa quit her job to work on her health and back issues. Loosing that job was the best thing she did and her health has vastly improved so we ready to go sailing and exploring again.

                Although we still have yet to sell the Jeep, we cut the ties to land and left the marina this past weekend. We moved south of Cape Canaveral to Melbourne where we plan to anchor at Dagon Point until the Jeep is sold.

                Of course right off the bat the weather goes to hell and it rains and blows all weekend as a cold low passes over Florida. This is a good anchorage with good protection from the wind in almost any direction. The holding is very good here and in the past this was our go to anchorage.

                Now on Monday the weather is beginning to break and the sun is back out. Going to be a cold week though so lots of use for the diesel heater. Back to final tasks getting ready for full time cruising. Stay tuned for the next update and if you are lucky I will post some photos!

The crew of the good ship Vayu.

This is where we are anchored. Teresa’s mother took this picture around 1992. The dragon is sadly, all but gone now.