For those who do not know us and may be new to this site I will give a bit of background about who we are and how we got to where we are. If you do know us you are excused and may go outside now. Now that they are gone I will subject those who remain to a Reader’s Digest version of who we are.

We are Wayne and Teresa, we met several years ago and found we had a lot in common including our love for boating. We eventually fell in love and got married and began planning our great escape to the seafaring life. We both came from previous marriages, having raised kids and been normal adults for a period of our lives.  We are at a point in our lives were we felt it was time to think about the next chapter of our lives and that chapter was to go off cruising in our sailboat.

                As we both loved being out on the water we knew when we finally made it to retirement the next phase would be to get on our boat and sail off for parts unknown. As I am a retired boat builder/engineer and marine surveyor this seemed natural. I had also done some cruising on a small sailboat back in the 70’s. (Yeah I am getting old) Teresa is a retired accountant and grew up in a boating family so she knew what she was getting into as well. She had done some short weekend type cruising with her family on their power boats back around the same time as I was first cruising.

                We spent the last 10 years or so planning and talking about cutting our ties to land and setting off for parts unknown. As we are not young anymore we really did not have a strong desire to sail around the world. I know, many older folks have done that, however we are looking to stay a bit closer to home. We both have older kids we would like to be able to visit with as well as Teresa’s mother. Having an elderly parent requires staying a bit closer to home for obvious reasons. For us doing coastal cruising made more sense so no, we will not be crossing any oceans anytime soon.

                We have found that the bulk of cruisers out there right now are a lot like us. Older couples, retired, and looking for one last adventure before age gets the better of us. Although this blog is mainly for family and friends I am hoping others may enjoy and learn from our experiences as we travel.

                As a seasoned professional in the marine industry as well as an author and freelance boating writer I am hoping I can share some of our experiences in a entertaining and hopefully somewhat educational way. We welcome and encourage comments and input from anyone who may have fallen into this little rabbit hole.

Wayne & Teresa